Is Crowdfunding for You? Free Seminar Tuesday

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Promo written by Sam Gore, Toward a Fruitful Ministry 09/06 6-9 pm Sandhills Community College, Van Dusen 103

How to Create Success in Raising Funds by Crowdfunding.

As a new form of financing, crowdfunding is definitely opening up new avenues for aspiring, entrepreneurial people to raise money for things that motivate them.

Crowdfunding is one way that businesses can seek money to startup their businesses, finance a new product, or expand their operations.

Crowdfunding is a great way to get people excited and involved in those initiatives. Crowdfunding works for philanthropic campaigns for non-profits and for social enterprises launching products or an individual doing something great for the world.

But you need to know how to create your success. This seminar is intended to share vital information to participants on how to be successful at crowd funding.  We’re just beginning to explore the true power of crowdfunding; people are turning to this new form of financing for lots of different things.

This seminar will be a crash course on what participants need to know so that they can be great at crowdfunding and will include information concerning…

  1. What is Crowdfunding and how did it get Started
  2. Two Types of Crowdfunding
  3. How do Start-ups and Businesses Raise Money Through Crowdfunding?
  4. Common misconceptions concerning crowd funding.
  5. Setting your fundraising goals.
  6. A few tips and tricks about storytelling.
  7. Ways people are crowdfunding.

The good news is that crowdfunding is the most game-like and engaging form of fundraising, so it gives you a great chance at success.

The bad news is that most projects still fail. This is unnecessary and happens because people don’t understand how to give themselves the best chance of success.


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