Follow the Entrepreneurial Summit on Your Smartphone

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By Lori Williams

PINEHURST, NC —Having recently attended a state conference in Raleigh, of interest to me was the integration of technology into the material covered. It was not only used to engage the audience with supplemental materials and surveys, it also provided attendees an opportunity to participate in real time by incorporating questions and polls throughout the day.

Not unlike students on our campuses today, conference attendees were utilizing tablets, notebook computers and smartphones throughout the sessions. Specific hashtags were used to identify discussions about the sessions and speakers on Twitter and other social media outlets.  

Consequently, what may have appeared to others as disrespectful to those speaking, was actually the participant’s desire to delve deeper into the subject matter. Were they multi-tasking? Of course some probably were but it’s not likely we will change technology at our fingertips. As educators, we must learn to interlace it into our methods to gain the most from the experience.

In many of the seminars for the Small Business Center, a hashtag (#) has been assigned specifically for the seminar and notes or pictures from the event are shared with the appropriate hashtag. For me, it serves as a note taking method to share those notes with others. If other seminar attendees chose to do the same, everyone benefits. 

Certainly our world is rapidly changing and even as a “not so young” part of our world, keeping up with the latest trends in technology and social media is necessary. After all, we see it all over the news and participatory television today. 

This year’s Entrepreneurial Summit 2015 will be utilizing a free Guidebook app that can be downloaded on devices of all types. The app user will simply search for the Guide titled Entrepreneurial Summit 2015. 

Inside the Guide, the user will find the program schedule, a copy of the printed program, a parking pass, information and bios on all the speakers, interfaces to connect Twitter and Facebook accounts, portals to take notes as well as an icon to register for the event.

Taking place in 102 and 103 Van Dusen Hall on the campus of Sandhills Community College April 14, the Entrepreneurial Summit is a partnership between the Small Business Center at Sandhills Community College, the Moore County Chamber of Commerce, the Moore County Partners in Progress and the University of Pembroke. Registration begins at 8:30 am and the day will end at 3 pm with lunch provided by First Bank and a continental style breakfast funded by McDonalds of Aberdeen, Carthage and Seven Lakes.

Our summit is using #ES2015SCC and we hope you will join us in the discussion.


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