Grateful for the Entrepreneurial Spirit

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As I have come in contact with many of you either through seminars, one on one counseling, or in a social setting, I am continually amazed at the spirit that lies within you, the entrepreneurial spirit.

How do you define the entrepreneurial spirit? Look in the mirror–someone who drives through adversity braving the storm to create jobs that contribute to our local economy. Why do you do it? Because you know that you can.

With an innate ability to believe in yourself, to believe in your end result and the passion to drive it forward, you are the heartbeat of our economic future. Interestingly, the one common thread I find is the creativity of your multi-tasking brains. You are constantly thinking of improvement, efficiency and marketing techniques. “How do I tell my story,” you think.

You challenge yourself daily and are not afraid to make the changes that may “make you” or “temporarily break you.” You are the risk takers. We all owe you a great deal.

You truly amaze me and I am grateful, we all should be grateful, for you.



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