I Get It!

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I get the whole social media, YouTube, online learning approach. You see, I am probably one of the oldest, “young” understanding people in the whole online “social” atmosphere. I was part of distance learning when I had to listen to a dial-up modem. Yes, back in the dark ages.

Listen to me when I tell you that both, online and face-to-face, types of networking are essential.  A good hybrid situation is the best route for Millennials and Gen X’rs. You desperately need both. We live in a world of convenience – we shop online, we watch our favorite TV shows on demand, we socialize at our convenience and that is a good thing but that will not necessarily bring you customers or that next job opportunity. We simply avoid the things that are a little harder to obtain. It’s the environment we live in. Being willing to go that extra mile will take you many miles down your road to your success.

According to an article on HG.org by Cypress Recruiting Group, Inc., the Chinese highly endorse the “greeting” segment of business development. “A light handshake is the standard greeting at business meetings. Greet the most senior person present first and remain standing for the introductions. It is common for the Chinese to slightly lower their eyes as a sign of respect. Then it is time to hand out the business cards. These are very important to the Chinese. You should offer your card with two hands with the writing facing the person to whom you are presenting it and accept their card with two hands. You should take time to study the business card you have been handed and look impressed by the person’s job title.”

This behavior alone confirms that nonverbal language between the business exchange is very important. Again, with the global market opportunities associated with our convenient world, it is also essential to stay abreast of the different cultures where you may encounter opportunities–but that’s another topic for another day.

Every one of us, most likely, until the day we die, will be conducting some sort of business, whether it’s your small business, selling yourself to the your next potential boss or company, or introducing a cause that you have become passionate about–you are the face of that reason and the “warmth” of your delivery will sell your product, yourself or your cause. YouTube has become a wonderful tool as has Skype and Hangouts, but it remains robotic and many times rehearsed. People cannot get a sense of your genuine character through a YouTube video or even an online conversation.

If you don’t believe that, look at the success statistics of long distance relationships. According to http://www.longdistancerelationshipstatistics.com, the average long distance relationship has a “shelf life” of 4.5 months and that is with the “burning passion” of a mixture of emotions we won’t bother to go into, however, this statistic may give you some general insight into the importance of being in the same general location with another human being.

This is experience speaking to you compelling you to continue making yourself get out and attend classes, attend free seminars, attend Chamber functions, attend work get-togethers, attend any opportunity for a social gathering–large or small. You don’t have to go to everything that comes across your mobile device. Pick and choose and make those face to face contacts and opportunities a part of your necessary “to do” list items. Plan to attend one per week. It will make a difference.

As long as we are still here, we will need and rely on each other. People can say anything through writing but it’s really hard to fake genuine sincerity with the masses. Continue to make those personal connections.