Resources At Your Disposal

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In small business, making efficient use of resources is essential to success. If you find a resource in something that is free, you should use it and prioritize the funds you have for business expenses to the things that you cannot do or simply cannot manage on your own and make use of all the free resources available.

In my own life, and not to get too personal, I am researching and trying Weight Watchers. In my food expense account, I was astonished that I can have all the fruit and vegetables I want with this system and then use what is in my account for those things that are special, that maybe I don’t have the time to make myself, the things that taste so much better in a restaurant. I thought about all the food I can have to fuel my day spending my valuable allocations on those foods I enjoy that will cause me not to feel deprived for success.

Yes, the analogy can break down but I think it has merit for business owners. Spend your expense account on those things that are either going to give you the most valuable things in your life–more time with your family, more return on your investment, a larger market that you can not reach on your own–whatever you deem most valuable.

Your Small Business Center has loads of valuable information and, you may think you have all the knowledge you need, but why not take advantage of that added benefit of the network of business owners and professionals the Center can link you with through seminars and counseling?

Listen, I am of the “Google” mind.  I Google everything and yes there are a lot of resources readily available on your computer. The Small Business Center Network even has an online training module for entrepreneurs.

As a pioneer distance learner, I speak from experience when I says that what you cannot get from Google is the face to face connection and handshake of someone who may turn out to be your best customer or connect you with your best customers. You get that from the networking opportunities at the SBC events and counseling sessions. As with any class or form of education, you will gain something if you open your mind and learn from others with the experience and expertise.

Make use of all the free resources around you and expend your limited funds on other priorities.


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