Where’s Your Backbone?

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Pondering this morning as I didn’t feel like showering, dressing or brushing my teeth, it dawned on me what I do for a living. My job, as a member of the Small Business Center Network, is to try to serve small business owners and to help them become successful. How can I possibly be too lazy to feel like showering, dressing or brushing my teeth when I think of you, the small business owner.

As that became more apparent to me, I realized that if my food for the day depended on my getting up, showering and ready to meet the world, it would be all the “energy” drink I need. Small business owners, you are my inspiration. You are that “backbone.”

With you in operation, the wheels of the economy turn, jobs are retained or created and the American dream lives. Without you, we are without backbone. What I continue to be impressed with is the willingness to take the risks to become that successful entrepreneur.

Occasionally, I advise of the importance of marketing, networking and becoming the face of your business. How can I advise you to do those things if I don’t become just as active with the efforts in trying to assist and support you?

What I want to say to all small business owners today is that I am inspired by you. You gave me my “get up and go” this morning. You instill in me the passion to be the very best I can be and you make me desire to find the most effective and efficient ways to support you and your “backbone.”

A big salute to small business owners and entrepreneurs. We need you.


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