Random Thoughts About Small Business Marketing

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When asked about social media in general, the most common complaint I hear is, “I don’t want to see that “Billy” was picking beans today or “Susie” painted her fingernails. What I don’t understand about these complaints is that if there are posts from any particular person or topic that annoy you that badly, Facebook in particular, has settings that are so customized you do not have to see them. As the poster, you can even drill down and share a post with only one person if you want.

Often, I get into discussions about the news feeds and the aggravation that goes along with them. Concisely stated, these are aggravations I do not understand. When you pick up a printed publication whether it is a newspaper or a magazine that you did or did not order in the mail, there are undoubtedly pieces you care nothing about and you simply move your eyes to the next section of interest. Your social media works the same way–just keep scrolling.

For small business owners, tangible results of marketing efforts are hard to establish. With Internet marketing, it’s a little easier to tell number of click throughs or specific clicks of interest. There is actually a number we can call a measurement that you can assign to a particular marketing effort. With print, that becomes a little more difficult and we rely on the dreaded surveys we all receive or questions we are asked when purchasing an item.

The intangible results of social media marketing–well, these are the “just keep scrolling” moments.  There may never be an actual click through but the “scroller” saw just enough to pique his or her interest to inquire further, to make a visit to the establishment or to make that phone call.

The rule to remember with small business marketing is to be everywhere you possibly can because you never know who those “scrollers” are. You can manage the many avenues through third party apps like Hootsuite, Constant Contact or MailChimp to name a few. Make use of these tools to make your life easier. Be everywhere you can that those people “just keep scrolling” or happen “move their eyes” to the next interesting section. The return is hard to measure and the effort minimal.


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