Did My Heart Good.

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Yesterday afforded me a wonderful opportunity–an opportunity to work with a group at a summer camp about the social enterprises such as home gardening, farming, worm composting, bee hive keeping and other small business opportunities associated with the whole concept.

We began with me passing around a paper weight with a picture of palm trees and the word Florida written inside the crystal. I passed it around telling them to be as creative as possible and tell me, “In my hand I hold …” and they were to fill in the blank. It was so encouraging to see their minds working so hard to come up with something creative. They had some good answers anywhere from a nice vacation, relaxation, the beach but none stated the obvious, ” a paper weight.” I was so proud of their answers and attitude.

Then we began to explore the importance of a business plan and to begin brainstorming about all the elements involved in the business plan. This was all in an effort to prepare them for a market to be held this week, Saturday where they would do all the marketing, provide the necessary human resources–all in hopes to make a little bit of money. Kathy Byron, executive director of Good Food Sandhills invited me to come to the camp to explain business basics. Reciprocally, I learned more about the possibilities with the social enterprises and the personal satisfaction involved.

Mrs. Byron sent a follow up email to let me know how enthusiastic the kids were about writing the business plan following my visit. Those are the things that excite me–that spirit in each of us to work together, to see others succeed and reach his or her goals. Thank you for having me Summer Camp. It was definitely my pleasure.

Come to the American Legion Building on New York Avenue in Southern Pines, NC, this Saturday, July 26,  to support this group of young entrepreneurs if you get the opportunity.  It will do your heart good as well.


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